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Kamloops CIB Committee

Our committee acts in a advisory capacity to Mayor and Council and more specifically to Parks, Recreation, & Cultural Services. We occasionally report to Council on planned activities and events. We receive a City stipend and rely on major funding for our activities and events through sponsorships and donations.
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Forming a society also offers financial advantages, so in 2014 the Kamloops Community in Bloom Society was created to improve our position for grant applications and tax-deductions.

Our volunteer committee members come to us from the business community, tourism, Parks, Recreation and Culture, service clubs, and residents. You’ll see us at various events wearing our "Marigold" colours, look for our blazing orange t-shirts and jackets.

Wearing our marigold colours

Our committee is active year round and we are seeing the results of our efforts in so many ways. Over the years we have seen Kamloops flourish with more flora and fauna, heritage conservation, and Tournament Capital projects. Community engagement has been outstanding and there is a growing interest in the environment and sustainability.

For more information:
Gay Pooler / Glenn Grant
Phone 250-372-3242 / 250-573-2406
Fax 250-372-3220
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Parks Operations
955 Concordia Way
Phone 250 828 3551

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