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Development & Engineering Services

Tranquille and Airport/Gateway Corridor Concept Plan

Background and Reports
The Tranquille Road Beautification/Enhancement and Gateway Task Force (Task Force) was established by Council early in 2014.

Key areas of focus for the Task Force were to review design work completed to date in conjunction with other planning documents, evaluate and prioritize options, make recommendations to Council in regard to beautification/enhancement opportunities as well as exploring funding strategies and partnerships.

Concerns raised included a lack of pedestrian and cycling infrastructure/connectivity, overall street appeal, first impressions from the airport when entering the gateway into the City, safety for users along the corridor and adequate directional signage and "Welcome to Kamloops" signage.

Tranquille Road Beautification

The challenge was to balance continuity of the design elements along the corridor, provide a functional and aesthetically pleasing design and ensure the overall costs were kept in check. The Task Force explored numerous combinations of design standards and options. The concept plan option recommended is estimated at $7.4 million.

Reference Materials
» Communities in Bloom Committee Report
» Gateway Task Force Final Report
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» Map - Sections 3-5

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