Violations and Notices

Violations and Notices

Bylaw infraction warning notices are issued in several ways for all Bylaw matters:

  • Phone call
  • By mail
  • Personal service
  • Placed on vehicle

The purpose of the warning notification is to advise you that a neighbour has a concern or that a Bylaw officer has noticed a problem as it relates to a specific bylaw.

There is no penalty attached to a warning notice it is simply to create an awareness, however the notice may include a compliance date whereby you would be required to do something by a certain date in order to comply with a bylaw.

This occurs more often with property maintenance issues and dog noise.

When issued a violation notice

If you have received a notice of violation you should ask the issuing officer to

  • Explain the charge.
  • Explain how to dispute the notice or how to pay and where.
  • Explain if there are time limits on disputing or paying.
  • Explain the circumstance that warrant the issuing of a violation.

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