Parking Availability

Frequently Asked Questions

pay station parking is in effect Monday - Saturday 9 am - 6 pm

  1. What is extended duration violation?
    If you remain in the same parking space after the first hour since the pay station already expired, you will receive a $40 non-discounted fine.
  2. What is pay stationed space restriction?
    No person shall park a vehicle in a pay stationed space at which it was previously parked, until not less than two hours has passed since the vehicle last occupied that pay stationed space. If you've already parked for 3 hours at same pay station, you must move your car to a different pay station. If you fail to do this you will be issued a $40 non -discounted fine.
  3. When are 2 hour zones in effect?
    Monday- Saturday, 8am-6pm.
  4. When is pay stationed parking in effect?
    Monday- Saturday, 9am-6pm.
  5. When do residential parking permits expire?
    Every year on December 31st.
  6. Does a person with either a veteran's license plate or a handicap permit need to pay at a pay station?
    No, but they do have to obey the 3 hour maximum time limit at the pay stations.
  7. Who can park in a marked Loading Zone?
    Anyone who is actively loading or unloading. Hazard lights must also be on. Time limit must be obeyed.
  8. Who can park in a marked Commercial Zone?
    Anyone with a valid 15 min or 2hr Commercial permit or a 4hr Utility permit.
  9. Does City Hall need to be open to pay a fine?
    No, payments are accepted at City Hall and Community Safety & Enforcement mail slots, yellow fine boxes in the downtown core, and on our website at

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