Handicap Parking

Designated Disabled Parking

Designated Disabled/Veteran Parking Downtown

There are a number of handicap parking stalls located throughout the downtown core on the street which are marked with signs or the parking stalls are painted with handicap markings. Those holding a valid Designated Disabled Permit or Veterans License Plate are allowed to park at pay station locations for the alotted time posted for no charge for a maximum of three hours.

Parking Zone Maps

City Centre
Sandman Centre
Tournament Capital Centre

Parking Permits

Temporary and permanent placards are available through the People In Motion office. These placards are issued to qualified individuals (as determined by a physician) to allow legal access to designated disabled parking spaces.

For more information, or to download an application:

People In Motion
182B Tranquille Road
Kamloops, BC V2B 3G1
ph (250) 376-7878
web www.peopleinmotion.org

Bylaw Enforcement
City of Kamloops
6 Seymour Street West
Kamloops, BC V2C 1E1

Downtown Parking, Court Inquiries: 250-828-3407
Other Inquiries (24/7): P: 250-828-3409 F: 250-828-3609
E: bylaws@kamloops.ca

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