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Beekeeping in Kamloops

On April 1, 2014, City Council approved amendments to Animal Control Bylaw 34-11 to allow beekeeping in all single and two-family residential zones, as well as in institutional zones when associated with a community garden or educational program. A minimum parcel size of 370 m² is required. Beekeeping is not permitted in multi-family areas, including strata developments, or commercial and industrial areas.


While bees are generally very docile creatures, they may act defensively when they feel threatened. Accordingly, the updated Animal Control By-law contains siting and other requirements for beehives to reduce the potential for conflicts with neighbours. Siting requirements for beehives is shown on the following graphic:

site setbacks for bee hives in Kamloops » View larger image

Number of hives permitted

Honey bees are raised in a hive or colony that is typically made up of a series of rectangular frames in which honeybees live and raise their young. A colony of five or less removable frames that is used mainly for rearing and storing queen bees is referred to as a nucleus colony.

The maximum number of colonies and nucleus colonies permitted on a given property depends on the lot size, as illustrated in the following table:

Lot Size# of Hives# Nucleus Colonies
370 m² 929 m² 2 Max 2 Max
929 m² 1858 m² 4 Max 4 Max
1858 m² 0.8 ha 6 Max 6 Max
0.8 ha to 2 ha 10 Max 10 Max
2 ha or greater Unlimited Unlimited

Other Regulations

Any person keeping bees in the City of Kamloops must:
a) Comply with the Bee Act (now under the Animal Health Act), including registration of beehives with the Province of BC.
b) Provide a water supply to prevent the bees from seeking water from other sources.
c) Take all reasonable measures to prevent and manage swarming or defensive behaviour by the bees.

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