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Venture Kamloops and the City of Kamloops offer the following information to provide business resources and an economic snapshot of our business climate.

Building Permit Reports - Stats
Business Licence Reports - Stats
Community Planning
Development & Engineering Annual Report
Industrial Land Vacancy Report
KamPlan - Official Community Plan
Permit & Licence Information
Property Locator
Statistical Data
Traffic Count Reports
Zoning and Land Use Information

Building Permit Reports

Monthly reports are available as PDF files at no cost. Reports are posted during the first week of the following month. Search by Date Range to generate custom reports.

Mouse iconSearchBuilding Permit Reports by date range.

2014 Building Permit & Unit Dwelling Reports
January February March April
May June July August
September October November December

For more information visit Building Inspection

Business Licence Reports

Monthly reports are available as PDF files at no cost. Reports are posted during the first week of the following month.

NoticeBusiness Directory Reports - PDFs
Business Licences (By Category) Annual Summary 2013
Business Listing Directory Alphabetical
Business Listing Directory Categorical
Last updated: June 19, 2014 - Updated quarterly

For more information visit Business Licensing

Development & Engineering Annual Report

The annual report serves as an opportunity to report back on our department's activities throughout the preceding year. Annual reports are intended to give readers information about the department's annual highlights, activity levels, performance & efficiency measures, and an overview of the Corporate & Departmental Strategic Plan goal achievement for DESD.

The mid-year report augments the most recent annual report and serves as a tool to benchmark the department's progress for the first six months of the current year.

NoticeReports - PDF
2013 Annual Report
2012 Annual Report
2011 Annual Report
2010 Annual Report
2009 Annual Report
2008 Annual Report
2007 Annual Report

For more information visit Development & Engineering

Industrial Land Vacancy Report

The City has approximately 809 ha of land zoned for industrial use.

  • Comprehensive Analysis of Vacant Industrial Land - PDF
    This is the full report which includes mapping for each of the areas studies. All maps are meant to be printed on 11"X17" (tabloid) sized paper. The summary table was prepared on 8.5X14" (legal) sized paper. This document is appropriate for those people desiring a comprehensive overview of industrial land vacancy in the City of Kamloops.
  • Summary Analysis of Vacant Industrial Land - PDF
    This is a short summary of the report prepared. It includes the executive summary and the map showing where industrial land is located within the City of Kamloops. This document is well suited for distribution to people interested in a brief overview of industrial land vacancy in Kamloops.
  • Supply and Demand of Industrial Land in Kamloops BC, 2005
    This economic profile report was prepared by Venture Kamloops, Advanced Technology Centre and Thompson Rivers University and is available at the Venture Kamloops website. Resources also include a map of the available industrial land in Kamloops.

For more information visit Community Planning

KamPlan - Official Community Plan

For a hard copy version, please call 250-828-3553 or e-mail

NoticeKAMPLAN 2004
Table of Contents
Regional Context
Growth Management
Quality of Life
Economic Development
Municipal Infrastructure
Development Permit Areas
1.0. Schedule 1 Introduction
1.1. City Centre
1.2 North Shore
1.3 Westsyde
1.4 Pineview Valley
1.5 Mt Dufferin
1.6 South Thompson Silt Bluffs Red Zone
1.7 Dallas Commercial Core
1.8 Campbell Creek Industrial Park
1.9 McGill Corridor
1.10 Notre Dame Drive
1.11 Sahali Commercial
1.12 Orchards Walk
1.13 Juniper Corner
1.14 Riparian Areas Regulation (RAR)
1.15 Multiple Family
1.16 Site Specific Commercial and Industrial
1.17 Intensive Residential
1.19 Iron Mask West Industrial
Map 1 Generalized Land Use Map
Map 2 Parks and Schools
Map 3 Hazard Lands
Map 4 Environmentally Sensitive Areas
Map 5 Major Road Network

For more information visit KamPlan

Statistical Data

The Development and Engineering Services Department provides a compiled source of statistical information on the City of Kamloops from Canada Census, the Canada Housing and Mortgage Corporation (CMHC)'s Fall Rental Reports, and other sources.

The Community Planning Section has various statistical information available for research purposes (Statistical Data 2005). These sources were used in the Statistical Data 2004 and Statistical Data 2008 documents.

For a hard copy version, please call 250-828-3561 or e-mail

NoticeStatistical Data Reports
Statistical Data 2011
Statistical Data 2008
Statistical Data 2005
Statistical Data 2004
Population Report
Immigration and Diversity Maps - Kamloops

Reports provide demographic and statistical data about:

  • rent,
  • housing prices,
  • school enrollment,
  • households characteristics,
  • age profiles,
  • neighbourhood characteristics,
  • bylaw services,
  • parks & recreation facilities,
  • airport movement,
  • Kamloops Fire & Rescue,
  • RCMP & community Policing,
  • plus dwelling counts by neighbourhood.

For more information visit Community Planning

Traffic Count Reports

NoticeReports - PDF
24 Hour Traffic Count
Overlander and Halston Bridge Traffic Count
Peak Hours Traffic Count

For more information visit Transportation

Zoning and Land Use Information

A business or activity must be a permitted use on the property. For more information call (250) 828-3561

For more information visit Development & Engineering