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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is a business licence required?
A business licence is required by municipal by-law and permits a business to operate within the City of Kamloops. Each application for business licence is reviewed to ensure compliance with the municipal regulations passed by City Council. The regulations and fee charged for a business licence can vary significantly between cities. Licences are issued to both commercial and home-based businesses.

Commercial locations are reviewed for, zoning (land-use), building, fire and health regulations. In many cases inspections are done by these agencies before the licence is granted. Our goal is to complete the referrals within 15 working days.

Home based businesses have a streamlined process and applicants must be aware of the restrictions noted in the home occupation regulations. (See web page: Home Based Business)

If the business is in compliance with these regulations often the business licence is issued the same day. A review is done when approving a home-based business to determine its impact on the neighbourhood. Generally, a home-based business should not have a negative impact on the neighbourhood. These regulations allow you to operate from home and also protect the neighbourhood from disruptive activities, which would be better suited in commercial premises.

Obtaining a business licence recognizes that you have been approved to operate and comply with the municipal regulations. Many suppliers to business and financial institutions require a business licence to be produced before they will conduct business with a new client. Licensing also tracks the growth of businesses in the community by looking at what types of businesses are opening. The information is often used for research purposes by new businesses or for developing marketing plans.

How do I pay for my first business licence?
The payment of a business licence fee is due prior to the licence being issued. The most common form of payment is by cheque, cash and Interac. Credit cards are currently accepted online at or in person at 105 Seymour Street.

When is the annual renewal of my licence due?
All business must renew their business licence by January 1st of each year by submitting the annual licence fee. Invoices are sent out to businesses the first week of December. Payments received more than 15 days past the due date have a late payment charge of $25.00 applied. Please check the invoice when received and follow the payment instructions. Several options for making payments are available.

What is OneStop Business Registration?
OneStop Business Registration is an easy way to start your business and get registered with multiple agencies.

After your name search is done you can register at OneStop kiosk locations or on the Web No longer do you have to visit multiple locations to get your business started. You can apply for a Municipal Business Licence; register with Canada Customs and Revenue Agency for GST, payroll deductions, corporate income tax and import/export accounts; register a Proprietorship or Partnership; register as a vendor for the Provincial Sales Tax; and register as an employer with the Workers' Compensation Board, and apply for Personal Optional Protection with the WCB. You control whom you register with, it's an easy OneStop process.

What do I do when I receive my Business Licence?
Please post your business licence in a location where the public can see it. A good location for most stores is behind the cash register or public enquiry counter. Home-based businesses should keep the licence in a file and produce it when asked. Mobile vendors like a food concession must have the business licence posted for public viewing. All non-resident businesses operating in Kamloops must have the business licence with them or on their job site. The information on a business licence is public and must be displayed.

Where do I get help obtaining a Business Licence?
We are here to help you obtain a business licence. Most of the regulations and procedures to help you get started are on these web pages for your viewing. Please contact us if you have any questions. Our phone number is 250-828-3481, fax 250-828-3848, we're located at 105 Seymour Street (free parking in the designated stalls for City business on the East side of the building).

Business Licensing
105 Seymour Street
Kamloops, BC V2C 2C6
ph 250-828-3481
fx 250-828-3848

Note: All correspondence is entered into our system and will be directed accordingly. The City of Kamloops will endeavor to contact you within two business days. Thank you.


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