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Kamloops Bike Ranch

Peterson Creek Park

Ride free, ride hard

Kamloops has a worldwide reputation in the sport of mountain biking. For many years Kamloops' hills and riders have been featured in the adrenaline and gravity rushing films such as "Pulp Traction" and "Cranked".

Its unique climate and terrain and the variety of riding that can be found have already attracted riders from all over the globe.

Phase 1 features a fast-flowing, A-line style downhill trail boasting a multitude of tables and "berms" rated for the expert rider; a jump park for expert and intermediate riders; and a BMX track to Canadian Cycling Association standards.

Phase 2 will create more diverse bike park features including a trials area, cross-country trails, biker cross track, and a kid's park.

Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services director Byron McCorkell says, "The construction of the Kamloops Bike Ranch will provide a world-class mountain bike facility for residents and visitors, promote fitness and appreciation of the natural environment, and build on the City of Kamloops profile as the Tournament Capital of Canada."

Enjoy your ride.

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