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Services and Resources

Find out about services and resources that help make Kamloops a great place to live.

Snow AngelsSnow Angels
Volunteer program to assist seniors with limited mobility to clear their sidewalks.

Garden Refuse PickupGarden Refuse Pick-up Program
For Seniors Only. Twice a year, the City of Kamloops will pick up your garden refuse.

Social Planning CouncilSocial Planning Council & Sub-Committees
The social Planning Council and sub-committees advises City Council on issues that impact your quality of life.
» Social Planning Council
» Advisory Committees

Access KamloopsAccess Kamloops
A free directory connecting people with not-for-profit resources. Supported by the United Way and the City of Kamloops.

E-Way KamloopsE-Way
This easy to use, electronic resource is for everyone in Kamloops looking for support.

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