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City Hall » 2017 Budget

2017 Budget

Next Budget Meeting
Valley First Lounge
at Sandman Centre
7pm - 9pm

Public Budget Meeting
The City of Kamloops wants to hear your ideas to plan for the future. Residents were invited to a round table discussion with City staff and Councillors on Tuesday, February 28, 2017 at the Valley First Lounge in Sandman Centre to provide feedback and ideas to be considered in the supplemental budget and the 2017-2021 five-year financial plan.

Budgets develop over time and rely on public input. The City wants to hear your ideas now so that they can be reflected in future budgets. Staff work with your ideas to incorporate them into the City's five-year financial Plan.

Input will be compiled and presented to Council, who will then prioritize the ideas. The top priorities will be costed out and then presented back to Council to see if they can potentially be added to the budget in the next few years.


  • Overview presentation by Finance Director, Kathy Humphrey
  • Roundtable discussions by division to follow
  • 15 minutes per table

See the 2016-20 Financial Plan

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