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City Hall » City Council » 2012 Budget

2012-16 Financial Plan

To understand these budgets, the Financial Plan is divided into five parts:

Financial Plan

Section A - Introduction
Section B - General Fund Totals
Section C - General Fund Program Budgets
Section D - Water and Sanitary Sewer Budgets
Section E - 5 Year Capital Plan
Appendix A - Service Level Summary

Section A
Section A begins with the City's mission statement and strategic plan as well as assumptions made when preparing the budget, guidelines, background information, definitions, and explanations. Also included are details of the financial position of the City as at the end of 2011 as detailed in the 2011 Audited Financial Statements along with definitions and explanations.

Section B
Section B presents the financial plan for the general fund at a corporate level. The major impacts on the financial plan are detailed.

Section C
Section C delves deeper into the plan, providing the budgets for each general operating budget. This section also provides details of the specific functions of each program, the significant budgetary issues felt by each program, and the service level changes made to provide the specific service.

Section D
Section D provides details of the water and sanitary sewer systems budgets, including expenditures and revenue sources required to fund these expenses.

Section E
Section E provides the five-year capital plan by project.

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